COVID-19 Rules and message from the Chairman

It is extremely important you read this information in full and make note of everything within it.

I hope everyone will be pleased to know that we now have everything in place and the club will be reopening on Thursday 6th August.

However, there are many things we ALL have to do to make it work.

These instructions are not up for discussion and will remain in place until the committee feels, in line with Archery GB and government guidelines, it is necessary to change or relax them.

The following applies to both Thursday and Sunday shootings.

When and how do I shoot?

  • In order to shoot everyone will need to book a slot onto a session through our website.
  • Sessions will last for 1 hour and only 1 person can shoot at 1 target during that session.
    • However, people from the same household/bubble can shoot on the same target during a session and we would encourage those to do that rather than booking separate slots. We would limit this to 2 shooting at the same time on the same target otherwise it would disrupt the already short shooting period.
  • On a Thursday the sessions will run from 6pm to 7pm and 7pm to 8pm. i.e. 2 sessions. These timings will remain in place for August but will be reviewed for September as the evenings draw in. Please check the timings for the sessions as they appear on the booking system.
  • This will operate for Sunday morning shoots as well. The times will be from 9.30am to 10.30 am and 10.30am to 11.30am.

Field Marshals

  • Each session will have 2 field marshals, who will be present throughout the evening and will run both sessions.
  • These marshals will put out the range and make sure everyone is applying the guidelines.
  • Sessions will not go ahead unless we have marshals in place.
    • To begin with, committee members will be marshalling but as time goes on we would expect others to take up these positions. These roles will be open for booking on the website in due course, please speak to a committee member over the coming weeks to ensure you understand the tasks. By taking on the role you are committing to attend that session as the shoot cannot take place without them, the bonus is you get to shoot over both sessions!

The Range and Boss management

  • The range will be set up and the distances will be visible on the booking system when you are applying.
  • The range will not change during the evening and no one other than the marshals will be able to move targets.
  • Each person will be given a target face of their choice to keep along with target pins.
  • This face is to be used every time you shoot.
  • You will pin your target up at the beginning of the session and you will take it down after you have shot and take it home with you, making sure you have taken all pins as well. You will then reuse that target face next time.
  • Between the 2 sessions the targets will be sprayed, ready for the next people to put their target faces up and ready to shoot at.

Arrival and Departure and Shooting

  • You will not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your session.
  • On entering the field you will sanitize your hands with the gel provided.
  • 2 zones will be marked on the field as to where you can place your personal equipment and a place to set up.
  • The zones will have cones placed to recognise social distancing guidelines.
  • Zone A will be allocated to those who shoot in the first session.
  • Zone B for the second session.
  • Therefore as an example of how it works - You are booked on target 5 for the 6pm session. You turn up at no earlier than 5.45pm. You sanitize your hands on entry to the field and make your way to Zone A and find an empty position for you to set up. Once set up you put your bow at the waiting line at target 5. You make sure during all this you are abiding to the social distancing guidelines.
  • If your target has been set up you go and place your target face on the boss and return.
  • At the correct time and when the field marshal signals, you will be able to start shooting.
  • The shoot then continues as per normal shooting, with whistle instructions etc.
  • Once the end of the session finishes, you will take your target face down with pins and return with your equipment to your zoned area and take you bow down. Once you have completed this you will leave the field immediately.
  • Each target will have hand gels for regular sanitising of hands which we encourage you to do at least at the start and the end of the session.
  • If you are shooting at the later session, you will arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to that session. You sanitise your hands on entering the field and make your way to Zone B, where you will find an empty marked position for you to set up.
  • Once the first session has finished, you will wait until ALL participants have cleared the range before going near the waiting area. At this point you will then place your target face on the boss and follow the instructions as already mentioned.
  • At the end of the sessions, the marshals will take the range down after spraying and sanitising everything.

Bookings via the website

  • In order to shoot everyone will need to book a slot onto a session through our website
  • Sessions will last for 1 hour and only 1 person can shoot at 1 target during that session.
  • Check website booking form for exact timings
  • You are permitted to book one session only for each date.  We have agreed that if you shoot in session one and no one has booked that target for session two, you will be permitted to continue on that same target.  You cannot swap targets or move the target.
  • If you book a Thursday and a Sunday session in the same week, depending on who may be waiting for a session, you may not get both bookings. By default you should plan to attend both sessions but you will be notified via email should we need to make changes.  
  • Once the booking is made, you will see a confirmation page and receive an email confirming your place. If you don't have a confirmation, please check your spam/junk folder in the first instance. If the problem persists you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. they will reply when they can but a response will not be guaranteed before any given session - so assume no confirmation, no slot has been booked.
  • Please note which target you have booked on, there won't be a list at the session.
  • When making a booking for 2 people from the same household, you book one place but make a comment to say who else will be shooting in the session on the same target. It is very important you do that, so that we can monitor Covid cases, should any arise and alert track and trace.
  • Anyone wanting to cancel their slot, can you do so as soon as possible so that it releases it to someone else. With the limited amount of slots and time it would be selfish to book a slot and not turn up, so please be mindful of this.
  • Normally, the booking system will open automatically, one week in advance of each session, you cannot make repeat bookings.
  • For the 6th August shoot the booking system will be open from tomorrow Saturday 1st August.
  • Full instructions are given in conjunction with these rules

Non-Members and Guests

  • Non-members, such as parents are allowed on the field as long as they adhere to the social distancing rules and keep their hands sanitised.
  • Sorry, but we're not allowing visiting archers at present.  This may change as the system beds in and/or restrictions are relaxed.

COVID management (common sense) 

  • It is also obvious that no person should touch or go anywhere near another person's archery equipment.
  • We believe everyone is now extremely aware of all social distancing guidelines, which should be apparent when shooting also. You should also understand that if you have or suspect you have, any Covid-19 symptoms, share a house with, or been in contact with anyone suspected of having Covid-19, you should cancel your session and not visit the field.
  • We are extremely serious about returning back to shooting and making sure everyone remains safe, therefore, anyone, not abiding by these guidelines and is seen to be putting others at risk will be asked to leave by the marshals.
  • I appreciate all this seems very strict but we are convinced that once we get started, all this will become second nature and we will get used to it very quickly. We are all now in the mind-set of wearing masks and washing hands, so this is just a continuation of this and making sure we all stay safe.
  • Clearly it is extremely important that if any member contracts Covid they should alert the club immediately. We can then make sure all those that have shot with them can be made aware and can self-isolate and get tested. This is why it is important we are fully aware of who is shooting and who is not on each session.
  • I hope this will help with gaining the confidence to shoot again and hope you understand the huge task it has been to get the club shooting again.

Disclaimer - COVID

Blue Arrows committee has followed all current ArcheryGB guidelines with the processes laid out here and the sanitising equipment provided. However, members must understand that, as with all activities, it is not without risk and Blue Arrows cannot guarantee your safety. It is the members’ responsibility to decide if they wish to attend based on their personal circumstances.

Membership fees

In order to shoot you will need to restart your membership standing order with immediate effect. You will only be permitted to suspend this again should we have to shut down again due to local lockdowns or should the indoor venue not be available. For those who don't yet feel the time is right to restart shooting, we will allow the continued suspension of membership fees.

Sarah will be in touch for the yearly ArcheryGB fees in due course. These will be mandatory, details of that to follow in coming weeks.

And finally...

We have around 4 to 6 weeks of Thursday evening shooting so hopefully people can make the most of it. Sunday shooting as we know goes on throughout the winter so hopefully we will see more people taking up the opportunity to shoot on those sessions also.

As yet we have no news or instructions with regards shooting indoors, therefore this may be for a very short period before we stop shooting but at least we may have a small window to try and get our club up and running again and it will be great to see you all enjoying something you haven't been able to do for 4 months.

As always we will try and keep you informed of any changes but as you have probably already experienced this is not easy, especially at the speed some things move and decisions taken. After all, it could be we all enter lockdown again, which would mean all this effort could be for very little, but let's look on the positive side and hope this thing goes away.

Take care and hope to see you all soon on the shooting line.